Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What breaks your heart?

I'm serious.  I want to know what breaks your heart!

The reason I ask is because if you are someone who is struggling to find your "career" or "passion", well...that is it my friend! You may be thinking, "Um isn't that the exact opposite thing I should be doing?'  Not really.

Hear me out.  If you're watching the SPCA commercial with the saddest song in the world and you start balling like you're 5 then that's a good indication you should do something in that field.  Their are a TON of things you could do.  Anywhere from volunteering to becoming an actual officer who goes out and saves the day.

Think about it!  It's obviously something you would care deeply about.  You would put your all into it everyday. And, the word engaged would most likely be one of your top 3 words to describe how your job makes you feel.  Scratch that, it's a freakin' career! See where I'm going with this.

If you follow what breaks your heart their you will your people (or animals).  God specifically places in us a deep feeling for someone or something.  He does it because we are here on this earth to glorify Him and that is through YOU!

Next time you hear or see something that breaks your heart, run to it!

Love you always,

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